Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

It is quite tricky to outsource a commercial cleaning company that meets all your needs and requirements. Thus, that is why people have a hard time making a choice. But it has made it easier for scammers to get potential clients with the lowest bid ploy. 

To make the process of getting in touch with credible cleaners easier, here’s a compilation of a few essential questions. They allow you to have a meaningful insight regarding cleaning companies. You are seeing the potential to handle your tasks efficiently.  

To keep transparency beforehand Akadian Cleaning has answered all the top queries of clients regarding services and quality. Let’s have a glimpse of it.


Q1- Are you certified as per cleaning standards and laws? 

Businesses have so much to look at and being doubtful of the cleaners is the last thing they would like to be bothered about. To help you in this regard, check out that the company is certified by CIMS ( cleaning industry management standard ). It ensures the company is good to go and meets all the legal standards to operate a business. Allowing clients to have trust in the services. Akkadian Cleaning is certified by it and it has also accreditations from other reputed institutes that speak volumes about our reliability.

Q2- How long have you been in operation? 

Experience counts the most in the cleaning business. Cleaners who have been in the industry for more than 3 to 5 years are considered to be countable. While vetting the cleaning company, ensure to know about their experience, it has a great impact on their expertise. Plus, they have in-depth knowledge to handle the cleaning tasks of your building. They can cast a spell with your broom and turn your chaotic place into a tedious and organized one.  Akkadian Cleaning has been in the field for more than 16 years. That makes them very reliable and ideal to outsource.

Q3- What is your company’s Employee turnover? 

A cleaning company’s employee retention can be assessed through the turnover percentage per year. In recent studies or research, it has been stated that 75% to 375% is notoriously high. However, this turnover is to have the best employees in the company but not all the time. While looking for a good cleaning service, set realistic expectations from janitors. Outsource a credible company that has the lowest employee turnover rate in comparison to the market. It is a good sign that they are credible in maintaining employee retention. It is another reason that people’s first choice is the Akkadian cleaning company.

Q4- what kind of training does your cleaning staff receive? 

A commendable cleaning company trains its staff for the industry by training them to clean all types of businesses and building every sector effectively. They provide their employers with the required tools and train them to be Pro in using them without causing any mess. Akkadian Cleaning Company also trains its staff. They equip them with the latest and maintained cleaning tools to keep them updated about new cleaning trends. Moreover, our staff undergo special training sessions after intervals that keep them seasoned and adaptable to the circumstances. 

Q5- Is your Cleaning business Insured?

Potential clients look for companies that are properly insured and bonded by relevant departments. It instills confidence in the clients that they will receive premier cleaning services. Plus, in case of unpleasant happenings, they will be covered which somewhat reduces the risks of such incidents. It fosters strong relationships between companies and clients. Akkadian Cleaning Company acknowledges that they offer insurance and won’t hesitate to provide it when requested.            

Q6- How do you Screen your employees? 

It requires courage to trust new people to let them in your place. Offices hold confidential information and systems to manage the business. Sincerity and credibility are most wanted and in demand when outsourcing a cleaning company to seek a helping hand in cleaning. Akkadian cleaning company runs a complete background check to ensure that they have the best cleaners on board. That can work tirelessly to meet the expectations of clients with excellence and infuse new energy into the assigned place.

Q7- How do you keep track of quality control?

Businesses require authentic cleaners that keep their credibility by providing good service quality at affordable rates. However, many companies are only good at starting but afterward, it is not the same. So, to keep track of their services, respected companies run inspections from time to time to know there’s nothing that detains their image. Also, they keep track of their employee’s credibility and are ready to address your complaints and give their clients the most effective and best results.

Bottom Line

Akkadian Cleaning Company acknowledges all these queries of potential clients. To stand among the respected and reputed businesses, we offer cost-effective cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly. Thus, our purpose is to provide you with a healthier and cleaner environment in all manners. Also, we have a proven track record that reflects our expertise and credibility. All these concerns have already been resolved in our work policy. Engage with us to have the best services in your town.

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